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  • Tutor & Knowledge Sharing Network »

    A closed academic platform that enables students to easily collaborate, find great tutors and get better grades.

  • Sales Performance Management »

    A proprietary algorithm-based cognitive data assembly platform that operates via the cloud and mobile devices, delivering to enterprise customers content that will materially improve the productivity of their coaching initiatives by enabling them to be tailored to the specific needs of their employees.

  • KeyScore – Startup Analytics for Investors »

    As startup funding process is getting more diverged, importance of third party analytics about startups are becoming very important. Keyscore scours the internet for social signals about early stage startups. And this information is presented based on volume, intensity and sentiment about new startups. This information is useful for potential investors especially in new crowd […]

  • – Facebook Commerce Platform »

    Ravox is a distributed social commerce platform that allows small businesses to enhance their ecommerce operations by reaching new audiences through 3 effective outlets – Facebook store, social marketplace, and social affiliates. By increasing reach through social discovery and friends-of-friends, businesses get real ROI for their social media marketing efforts. Small businesses are joining Facebook […]