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Platform Venture is not following in the footsteps of those companies that employ an “immersive” accelerator approach. We focus exclusively on adding value to early stage projects, partnering with entrepreneurs looking to hedge the opportunity cost and associated risk of stepping completely away from their current career path. In most cases our firm plays the role of Co-founder and Co-investor.

Our process does not include spending 10 minutes each, hearing the pitch of 100’s of potential co-founders who may be very bright, but are not stepping away from ongoing successful careers. We look for those who have proven themselves both academically and in business and who are looking for a way to potentially transition into the role of entrepreneur.

Our Platform is designed to deliver the right combination of resources in the form of technology development, meeting capital requirements, design, project management, sourcing pilot opportunities, etc.

Our partners are what many refer to as “Serial Entrepreneurs”, founding Internet technology-based businesses beginning in 1996.