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The Services provided by Platform Venture roll up into a disciplined approach to:

Confirming that a new opportunity has the potential to be a product or service with a value proposition that opens a material new addressable market. Subsequently, working with the entrepreneur, serving essentially as interim Co-Founder, assisting in all facets of helping to confirm the proposed new venture’s value proposition through market traction.

The Specific Services Platform Venture can deliver include:

  1. Provide a secure and credible platform where the opportunity can be vetted completely allowing the entrepreneur to work to reduce the opportunity cost of committing to the new venture.
  2. Internet technology and software development teams – Platform Venture has over 80 individuals who are expert coders and server administrators.
  3. Mobile application development teams
  4. Legal experts who have structured, drafted and negotiated hundreds of startup deals.
  5. Connects across a broad rolodex of business leaders, funding sources, theĀ academic community, etc. who can assist in finding pilot opportunities.
  6. Experienced project managers actively assist portfolio companies productize their value proposition