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A Value Building Partnership

Our goal is always to create relationships with the Career Development Offices of top B-schools, making sure they know that if there is a successful alumni looking to explore an entrepreneurial opportunity, one that was born of their domain expertise – we always want to meet that individual.

More and more academic institutions are engaging the discipline of entrepreneurship with greater and greater amounts of both their internal and external resources. Its fair to say that accounting is not currently the hot area within the top business schools – both graduate and undergraduate….its entrepreneurship.

Every top program has an endowed Entrepreneurial Center and is offering more classes, programs and the ability to major and minor in Entrepreneurship. Competing for rankings by publications is now a common practice.

Platform Venture is a resource for the alumni of these institutions, but not generally their current students at this juncture. There really is no opportunity cost to taking a “sabbatical” and rolling the dice with an Immersive Accelerator. We are, however, always willing to listen and help if we can.